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Current Issue

January-June 2023| Vol 2| Issue 1


Norepinephrine – Can it replace phenylephrine as the vasopressor of choice in obstetric anesthesia?

Maintenance of stable hemodynamic parameters during cesarean section is extremely important for an optimal maternal and neonatal outcome. Due to spinal anesthesia being the recommended anesthetic tech...


The impact of analgesics and anesthetics on cancer outcomes: Exploring the evidence

As medical professionals continue to seek ways to improve patient outcomes in cancer care, the role of anesthesia in cancer recurrence has become an increasingly important topic of discussion. A numbe...

Review Article

Antibiotic challenges and review of appropriate uses in intensive care unit

Antibiotic use in the intensive care unit (ICU) presents unique challenges due to the high acuity and complexity of critically ill patients. Inappropriate use of antibiotics can contribute to the emer...

Original Article

A prospective, randomized, interventional, comparative study between dexmedetomidine and propofol infusion for monitored anesthesia care during internal jugular vein chemoport insertion

Background: Chemotherapy through peripheral intravenous cannula causes severe thrombophlebitis. Chemoport is a best and favorable alternative for the same. It is done under local infiltration a...

Original Article

Dexamethasone as an adjuvant to local anesthetic mixture in brachial plexus block: A prospective randomized double-blind controlled trial

Introduction: Peripheral neural blockade is now a well-accepted component of comprehensive anesthetic care. Many adjuvants such as dexmedetomidine, clonidine, opioids, ketamine, and midazolam a...

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